Arkenstall Village Centre

Arkenstall Village Centre

At the heart of Haddenham

Haddenham Pantomime

It’s Panto Time!

Summer is almost over… which means time to start thinking about panto!
The 2019 Haddenham Pantomime is…Dick Whittington! This will be performed on 10 – 12 January. As a fundraiser for the Arkenstall Village Centre this is a community activity and anyone with a connection to the village (e.g. live here, born here etc) can get involved.

Obviously we need help in all of the usual backstage areas – costumes, sets, makeup etc. and while we do have people to help in some of these areas we always welcome new people. It’s a great way to meet people you may not otherwise encounter, or to meet up with old friends in a good cause.

We’re particularly looking for people to help manage the creation of costumes. That doesn’t mean you actually have to make costumes, but if you can your help would be appreciated. What we need are a few people to help keep track of who is doing what – project managers if you will. And the more the merrier – perhaps one for cats, one for rats etc. Plus you get to rummage around in the costume loft…

If you would like to help in any of the backstage roles, send us a message via this page.

If you want to be on the stage, auditions will take place on a Sunday this year to give us more time.

Rehearsals will also be a bit different this year. The aim will be to have fewer rehearsals in the week and start the Sunday rehearsals sooner (i.e. start of October), but to only need the whole cast every few weeks and ensure everyone has weeks off. We’ll have more details in time for the auditions.

If you are interested in being involved or have any questions by all means get in touch at

One way or another, we hope to see many of you panto fans in the coming weeks.

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