Arkenstall Village Centre

Arkenstall Village Centre

At the heart of Haddenham

Haddenham Pantomime

Pantomime 2019

Our next pantomime will be Dick Whitington; Written and directected by Robert Bush.

Directors message:

I have the honour once again of writing and directing the panto this year. However, we have to follow more stringent child safeguarding measures this year to comply with the County Council’s child performance licensing requirements. We are casting around for people who might help us out and your name was mentioned by one of your fellow parents as a possibility.

The requirement is this – for performances (not rehearsals) it is not sufficient to have parent helpers looking after the kids dressing rooms. They have to be ‘trained chaperones’ – for each performance one for every twelve children, plus a couple of others to help out when kids need to separate from the herd (going to the toilet, going out to the back of the hall etc).

The plan is to recruit between 12 and 16 chaperones so that we don’t throw all of the weight on a couple of people and chaperones also have the chance to see the show (we’re throwing in two free tickets per chaperone as a sweetener). If we don’t get sufficient chaperones we have to limit the number of kids we can have in the cast based on the number of chaperones we have – something we are anxious to avoid.

By ‘trained chaperone’ the council mean somebody who has passed a DBS check and undergone a two hour course run in the evening. They don’t need to be a parent, but they also can’t be involved in the show in any other capacity (for example I can’t be one as I may be needed as the director during the performances).

If this is something you think you would be able to help with, then can you let me know ASAP as we have to have chaperones registered by December and places on the training courses are filling up fast. Even if you can’t help, if you think you know anyone else who may be able to help us out by all means pass this message on to them.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our Chaperones contact, I hope you can help but if you can’t, I apologise for taking up your time.


Robert Bush