Arkenstall Village Centre

Arkenstall Village Centre

At the heart of Haddenham


The main business of the AVC is the hiring out of rooms for fees.  The centre plays host to a variety of activities, including art classes, exercise classes, plays and concerts, wedding receptions, and the annual village pantomime.

There are terms and conditions for this purpose and a sliding scale of hiring rates that offer preferential terms to Haddenham community groups, which become members  and appoint  a representative to the management committee of the AVC.

AVC Membership form
AVC Trustee Declaration Form
AVC Constitution

The hiring fees are reviewed once a year, and were revised up for 2013 to take account of increasing costs. The rates can be found below.

Under rare conditions the AVC may have to cancel a booking. When this occurs  the AVC will follow the AVC Cancellation Procedure,
Some examples are:

  • Use as a Polling station.
  • Premises unfit e.g. fire/flood/lack of power/heating.
  • Use as an emergency shelter (Civil emergency).
  • The AVC consider that the hirer will be in breach of legal or other condition.

In addition to booking the space you can make a request the provision of a licensed bar.

Please check with the Bookings Secretary or the calendar on this website for definite availability, but there are existing regular bookings at the following times (not every week of the year unless specifically stated):

Main Hall

  • Monday morning
  • Monday evening
  • Tuesday evening
  • Wednesday evening

Room 01

  • Tuesday morning & afternoon (every week)
  • Tuesday evening (every week)
  • Thursday evening

Room 02

  • Monday morning
  • Tuesday morning & afternoon
  • Wednesday evening
  • Thursday evening (every week)

The bookings are made with the Bookings Secretary, by phone or via this website. tel: 07977 707433 or