Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement is a simplified version of our Privacy Policy.

What personal data do we collect, and how long do we keep it?

  • Booking and invoicing information (this includes information on the bookings calendar on the AVC website) – kept for a minimum of six years
  • General emails – kept for two years after the end of the correspondence
  • CCTV recordings – kept for 21 days
  • Contact details for volunteers – kept indefinitely, or until the volunteer asks to be removed
  • Fundraising event mailing list – kept indefinitely, or until the recipient asks to be removed
  • Government required information (where held, but this is likely to be the responsibility of the hirer) – kept as stipulated by the Government
  • Personal information relating to participants in the Haddenham Pantomime and other events which may involve children or vulnerable adults – kept for eleven months
  • Meeting minutes  are kept permanently

What do we do with your personal data?

The Arkenstall Village Centre only collects data for the purposes specified in the Data Privacy Policy. Data is processed by employees or Trustees of the AVC only for the purposes specified in the said Data Privacy Policy.

All data held is treated as highly confidential and is never passed to anyone outside of those authorised to handle it within the AVC.

Electronic data is held on a UK-based Server.

All data protection issues are currently dealt with by the Data Protection Officer (DPO) who can be contacted at

The DPO is appointed by the AVC’s Management Committee. The AVC and the DPO are
registered with the Information Commissioners Office on an annual basis.